Contract recruitment Services

Providing comprehensive support to both our clients and candidates, to ensure the right candidates are hired at the right price and time to meet the required deliverables.

Workforce Planning

Identify and analyse current and future organisational needs regarding, number, skills, experience, knowledge and quality of workforce required to achieve client's strategic goals.

Direct Hire Recruitment

Job description optimisation and advanced skill and competency matching via multi source searching.

Talent Mapping

Helping our clients determine future talent needs, assess the viability of current staffing levels to meet those needs, source high potential talent and develop a strategic plan to fill identified gaps.

Payroll Services

Streamlined and compliant payroll solutions that meet employee and statutory obligations.

Value Added Services

  • Pay rate and salary benchmarking
  • Logistics
  • HSE and onboarding
  • HR Management services
  • Market Intelligence

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